ConfigMgr 1702 Rollup Update Deployment Gotchas

Microsoft released a Rollup Update for Configuration Manager v1702 this week to address multiple issues.  One specific issue that affected many deployments was related to operating system deployment:

Starting with System Center Configuration Manager, version 1702, unknown computers that are started from media or PXE may not find task sequences targeted to them. This issue may occur if the Previous button on the “Select a task sequence to run” page is selected on the unknown computer.

There are already great examples of how to install this update, but there are a couple of key gotchas I ran into during deployment.

Updating Secondary Sites

Deploying the rollup update is a bit different than when deploying a standard release.  During a standard upgrade, the “Upgrade” option is available for secondary sites.  During a rollup update, however, you will need to use the “Recover Secondary Site” option instead.  The number of clicks and time to completion are similar, but “Recover” seems a bit scarier than “Upgrade” to me.

Redistribute Boot Images

On Twitter, @SysWow64Blog shared his blog about updating or redistributing boot media as a final step after the update.

While you can update/redistribute through the console, you may find it easier to complete this task with PowerShell.  Plus, let’s all admit that we feel a lot cooler doing stuff in the shell vs GUI anyway.

#Store existing boot images in a variable
$BootImages = Get-CMBootImage
#Update distribution points
$BootImages | Foreach-Object {Update-CMDistributionPoint -BootImageName $_.Name}

Happy updating!

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