Microsoft Teams: Changes for controlling access

On March 14, 2017 Microsoft officially launched Teams for Office 365.  While all users who were licensed with a qualifying Office 365 license automatically received the Teams tile in the app launcher, Microsoft provided a global way to control access.  The default setting was OFF.  Additionally, a note was included that the control was only temporary.


“Temporary” is subjective, and in this case (at least for Education customers), seems to mean 1 month.  An Office 365 message center posted on March 31st (MC97078) announced that in mid-April any faculty/staff users who had the Teams plan option selected would have access turned on.  Presumably, this also means that the control for global access will be removed for that license type at the same time.

Today, you can turn on Microsoft Teams for your institutions through the Office 365 admin center. In mid-April, we’ll enable open access to Teams for all eligible users with the appropriate Faculty and Staff license assignment. This change allows users who navigate to the app through the Office 365 menu or directly to the web experience to start using Teams right away. If you have explicitly removed the Teams license for a user, they will not have access to Teams even with this change.

There are no changes to Student user access while we continue to deliver the controls you need to manage a safe and productive experience for these customers. You can easily configure access at the license level for Faculty and Staff and/or Students.

If your tenant has disabled groups, or isn’t ready for Teams you will need to act quickly determine next steps.

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