How to Restore Deleted Files or Revert to Previous Versions When Using the Free Version of Microsoft Teams

In a previous blog post, we discussed how to restore a deleted file or previous version of a file using the fully licensed version of Microsoft Teams.  However, when using the free version the process is not exactly the same. You may notice that when looking through the options for your channel, the “Open in SharePoint Online” option does not exist.TeamsNoSPOOptionPNG

Instead, you can get to the document library by using the “Get Link” option from the Files menu bar.


Once you select “Get Link” you will need to choose SharePoint to get the link to the team site associated with the Team.

From there, you can restore a deleted file from the recycle bin or a previous version using the same process as the previous “Restoring Deleted Files or Reverting to Previous Versions in Microsoft Teams” blog post mentioned above.


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