Microsoft Teams Quick Tip #3 – Naming Group Chats

One of the awesome collaboration options within Microsoft Teams is the persistent chats that can occur outside of a Team or Channel. These are good for having one off business conversations that don’t relate to a specific Team but also for building camaraderie and having a little fun around the virtual water cooler. As you are a part of more and more chats, it can soon become confusing as to the intent. How do you quickly find the exact chat you are looking for?

Naming Group Chats

You can easily change the name of the chat to something that makes more sense! By default, group chats are going to be listed with the participant members. However, by simply clicking the edit pencil beside the current group name that can be changed to your liking.

WARNING!!!  Everyone in the chat will see that you have changed the name and what the name is so…don’t change the name to something you don’t want them to see! 🤣

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