Microsoft Teams Quick Tip #4 – The Perfect GIF Doesn’t Exist

It doesn’t matter if I’m in a group text with friends or family, posting on Twitter, or collaborating in Teams…using GIFs is my lifeblood! (PS. I only use the type that have a soft g…JIF is for peanut butter…don’t try to change my mind, it won’t work 😉)

Sometimes, the perfect GIF is out there but just not surfacing in your Teams searches. What’s a GIF master to do??

Simply find the one you want on your favorite website like Giphy and paste it right into Teams!

You may know that Teams is sometimes a bit finicky when pasting images. With GIFs, just find the one you want, and ignore any of the options to embed/copy link/etc. Just right click on the GIF and select copy, then paste directly into the chat. VOILA!

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12 thoughts on “Microsoft Teams Quick Tip #4 – The Perfect GIF Doesn’t Exist

  1. Rats, it didn’t work for me (simply copying/pasting the GIF directly into the chat). All that happened was the file name showed up/looked like an attachment. I’d expected to actually see the GIF before I selected enter, much like I do when I choose a GIF from the GIPHY icon directly below the text box window in teams. Unless it’s actually supposed to look like an attachment, not sure what I did incorrectly. Help. Thx.

  2. In my experience, this isn’t working. You can “copy image” of the animated gif and paste it into Teams, and it will look like the gif is still animated … until you hit “Send” and then Teams renders a static frame of the image. Maybe this is because I’m in a work Teams environment and they have the settings configured to disallow external gifs?

  3. Hi. How do we insert a custom made give ito Teams? Our Marketing departing has custom-made gifs, but we can’t copy and paste it into Teams chats. Thanks.

  4. Is there a way to make GIFs smaller though?? Sometimes I stress about how big they are and how anyone behind the person I’m sending them to can see them on the screen

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