Microsoft Teams Quick Tip #5 – Reply to Email with Teams

If you have rolled out Teams, or any user facing technology platform, you will agree that one of the biggest challenges has nothing to do with making the technology work. Instead, that challenge is usually getting people to adopt and use the new system.

I get it, breaking habits is hard and using email as your go to communication tool is a habit that we’ve had for many years. So what’s a person to do when you receive an email but want to reply and have a quick conversation outside of email instead?

Outlook has long had integration with Skype allowing the option of replying to an email with an IM.

Image showing the reply with IM option from the Outlook ribbon

Now you can do the same using Microsoft Teams! For the ability to work, you simply have to enable it within Teams, then restart Outlook.

Click on your profile picture at the top right corner of the Teams desktop application, then select settings. Right on the General tab, check the box for “Register Teams as the chat app for Office.

Image showing the general tab of the Microsoft Teams Settings prompt.

Now anytime you select the Reply with IM option within an email message, Teams will be used to send the reply! As a bonus, the IM option on the contact card for users in other Office 365 apps will also use Teams.

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3 thoughts on “Microsoft Teams Quick Tip #5 – Reply to Email with Teams

  1. While we are in the process of rolling out Teams, our company is still using Skype for Business as our primary telephone solution. If you change this setting, you will find that Outlook also no longer retrieves presence info from Skype.

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