Tech And One #1 – 2016, Jan 8

The 1st week of 2016 has come and gone so the time seemed right to start the recurring “Tech And One” post.  In each post, you will find my most interesting (or useful) findings from the technology world and one piece of maybe not so tech news.  Without further ado, here is this week’s Tech And One!

Support is ending for multiple versions of Internet Explorer

On January 12, 2016 only the most current version of Internet Explorer for your operating system will be supported and patched by Microsoft.  On most systems, this means that Edge and IE 11 will be your Microsoft browser options.  If you are running IE 10 or below, a quick upgrade is in order…especially if you use Office365 as the experience is about to get really bad for those browsers.

Also, Microsoft is releasing a cumulative update for Windows 7 and Server 2008 in January’s patch cycle that will prompt users to upgrade if they are running an old browser.

Keep your free OneDrive storage!

Remember back in November when Microsoft announced changes to OneDrive storage plans, thus eliminating some of the free storage bonuses that we had acquired?  Well, the people spoke and Microsoft listened…or at least they listened for a limited time.  Keep your free storage by making the jump to before January 31, 2016!

Did you say FREE GAMES?!?

Again, remember back to November…which must have been a horrible month…Vtech confirmed a breach affecting 5 million accounts.  As a consolation prize for losing data about your children, you can get FREE GAMES!


Hello, 1995 is calling

Do you have excellent eyesight, and really miss Windows 95?  Install it on your Nintendo DS.

And One!

This month’s And One comes from USA Today.  They posted a fully interactive, 360 degree video of a Blue Angels group flight.  It’s pretty cool on a desktop, but check it out on a mobile device and be in awe!


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